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Study with participation of dr. Dominika Nowis and dr. Radoslaw Zagozdzon, leaders of research groups under the BASTION project, received an award at the IACR Breast Cancer Symposium


On the February 27th 2013 the study with participation of PhD. Dominika Nowis and PhD. Radoslaw Zagozdzon received a Beatson Medal award for the best presentation in the breast cancer area. The award was given for the presentation: The antioxidant enzyme, peroxiredoxin-1, protects the estrogen receptor against oxidative stress-induced suppression and is correlated with differential outcome of patients with breast cancer, presented by Patrick O’Leary.
This work provides yet another proof of the significant role played by oxidative processes in the cancer’s development. It is an important contribution to better understanding of the intracellular mechanisms responsible for the development of cancer. This is also another step towards ‘personalization’ of the treatment in modern oncology. The oncology treatment of the future will take into account not only the factors known today, but also the individual patient’s predispositions.
The leading unit conducting this research project was the University College Dublin. In the project participated scientists from Ireland, Poland, China, Sweden and USA. The manuscript describing the results of the project is currently under preparation. Dr. Zagozdzon together with Prof. William Gallagher act as equal senior authors in this project.
Further research in this area is being continued at the Medical University of Warsaw along with the University College Dublin as a part of collaboration under the BASTION project.

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