Piotr Religa’s research team


Piotr Religa’s research team


  • Piotr Religa, MD, PhD
  • Marzena Łazarczyk PhD
  • Sharan Arand PhD
  • Oksana Kovtonyuk PhD
  • Joanna Soin PhD
  • Varsha Prakash PhD

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(Piotr Religa)

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(Google Scholar) 901
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Selected publications

Publication Impact Factor
Bojakowski K, Dzabic M, Kurzejamska E, Styczyński G, Andziak P, Gaciong Z, Cecilia Söderberg-Nauclér, Religa P. Red blood cell distribution width predicts arteriovenous fistula failure. PloS One 2012; 7: e36482.


Dzabic M, Bojakowski K, Kurzejamska E, Styczyński G, Andziak P, Söderberg-Nauclér C, Religa P. Significance of cytomegalovirus infection in the failure of native arteriovenous fistula. Clin Microbiol Infect 2012; 18: E5‒E7.


Xue Y, Religa P, Cao R, Hansen AJ, Lucchini F, Jones B, Wu Y, Zhu Z, Pytowski B, Liang Y, Zhong W, Vezzoni P,

Rozell B, Cao Y, Anti-VEGF agents confer survival advantages to tumor-bearing mice by improving cancer-associated systemic syndrome. Proc Natl Acad Sci USA 2008; 105: 18513‒18518.


Religa P, Cao R, Bjorndahl M, Zhou Z, Zhu Z, Cao Y. Presence of bone marrow-derived circulating progenitor endothelial cells in the newly formed lymphatic vessels. Blood 2005; 106: 4184‒4190.


Cao R, Bjorndahl M, Religa P, Clasper S, Garvin S, Galter D, Meister B, Ikomi F, Tritsaris K, Dissing S, Ohhashi T,

Jackson DG, Cao Y. PDGF-BB induces intratumoral lymphangiogenesis and promotes lymphatic metastasis. Cancer Cell 2004; 6: 333‒345.


Religa P. The future application of induced pluripotent stem cells in vascular medicine. Cardiovasc Res 2012; 96: 348‒349.


Zucchelli M, Ström S, Holm F, Malmgren H, Sahlén S, Religa P, Hovatta O, Kere J, Inzunza J. In vivo differentiated human embryonic stem cells can acquire chromosomal aberrations more frequently than in vitro during the same period. Stem Cells Dev 2012; 21: 3363‒3371.


Dzabic M, Rahbar A, Religa P, Felstrom B, Larsson E, Söderberg-Nauclér C. Intragraft CMV protein expression is associated with reduced renal allograft survival. Clin Infect Dis 2011; 53: 969‒976.