Sławomir Majewski’s research team


Sławomir Majewski’s research team


  • prof. Sławomir Majewski, MD, PhD

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(Sławomir Majewski)

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Research area

Main scientific interests: immunopathogenesis and treatment of psoriasis, pathogenesis and treatment of allergic skin diseases, the role of immune system in control of HPV (human papillomavirus) infections of the skin and mucosa as well as in the progression of HPV-associated tumors; molecular and cellular mechanisms of HPV-associated cancerogenesis; mechanisms regulating tumor-induced angiogenesis and the effects of anti-angiogenic compounds; new treatment modalities of genital and skin cancer, UV-associated cutaneous cancerogenesis. Since 2003 member of the International Steering Committee of the FUTURE II Study on the quadrivalent HPV vaccine.