Magdalena Winiarska’s research team


Magdalena Winiarska’s research team


  • Magdalena Winiarska, PhD
  • Beata Pyrzyńska, PhD
  • Kamil Bojarczuk
  • Małgorzata Wańczyk
  • Michał Dwojak
  • Nina Miązek
  • Piotr Zapała
  • Marta Siernicka

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(Magdalena Winiarska)

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Magdalena Winiarska, PhD works as an assistant professor in the Department of Immunology, Medical University of Warsaw (MUW). She graduated from the Faculty of Pharmacy, MUW in 2002. She received her doctoral degree (PhD) in 2008 from the Center of Biostructure, MUW. In 2008 she received the Prime Minister of the Republic of Poland award for her PhD thesis. She received START scholarship from the Foundation for Polish Science, PhD scholarship from the L’Oreal Poland for Women and Science, the Ministry of Science and Higher Education fellowship for outstanding young researchers as well as “Stay with us” scholarship from “Polityka” weekly journal Foundation.

Most of the current research of dr Winiarska is aimed at elucidating the molecular mechanisms of antitumor effects of anti-CD20 monoclonal antibodies. The aim of this research is to identify new key modulators responsible for resistance to anti-CD20 monoclonal antibody-based therapeutic modalities.