Dominika Nowis’s research team


Dominika Nowis’s research team


  • Dominika Nowis, MD, PhD
  • Małgorzata Firczuk, PhD
  • Agata Malenda MD, PhD
  • Justyna Chlebowska
  • Karolina Furs
  • Radosław Sadowski
  • Antoni Domagała
  • Joanna Barankiewicz
  • Anna Trzeciecka

Group leader bibliometrics
(Dominika Nowis)

Impact Factor:
(Google Scholar) 2425
H-index (Google Scholar):

Ongoing grants

Grant № Topic  Years Amount Funding organization
1M19/PM11/12/12 Study of antitumor activity of novel inhibitor of oncogenic Pim kinases 2012‒2013 80 000,- PLN Medical University of Warsaw
IP2011 038971 Influence of protein disulphide isomerase inhibition on differentiation of acute myelogenous leukemia 2011‒2013 399 600,- PLN Ministry of Science and Higher Education
2011/02/A/NZ1/00001 Role of the human RNA exosome catalytic subunit DIS3 in multiple myeloma pathogenesis and cell  physiology 2012‒2017 2 990 000,- PLN National Science Centre
2011/01/B/ST4/01130 Mechanisms of photodestruction and photostability – from a single molecule to biological material 2011‒2014 1 703 000,- PLN National Science Centre
IP1/2011/71 Search for target proteins for the new compounds with antitumor activity 2012‒2014 384 000,- PLN Ministry of Science and Higher Education
N N401 037138 Improvement of the efficacy of photodynamic therapy by the mobilization of dendritic cells 2010‒2013 371 736,- PLN Ministry of Science and Higher Education/Na­tional Science Centre