About the project:


Know-how sharing & promotion (WP2)

An important element of the BASTION project is dissemination of knowledge. The key focus is not only on the latest achievements of the BASTION research teams, but also on the latest trends in oncology, personalized medicine and the importance of screening programs. We believe that effective drugs are not the only way to fight cancer. A very effective tool is the knowledge. Patients, especially from the high-risk groups, can be equip within knowledge about the screening tests that should be performed to detect cancer at an early stage. Early detection is the key to fight the cancer.

To achieve the objectives established in the project we organize: workshops , conferences, symposia and a number of other promotional activities at the national as well as international level. The events are designed to not only increase the visibility of the project itself, but to build knowledge about the latest methods of treatment and cancer prevention. These activities are designed to support all stakeholders in the in the health care area. All stakeholders, including patients, should have access to knowledge about the latest treatments and decisions should made on ‘evidence base medicine’ approach.