About the project:


Twinning (WP1)


Twinning is one of the most effective tools used in projects funded by the European Commission. The main objective of twinning is to develop intellectual capital in organization that is implementing the tool. Twinning is done primarily through the development of partnerships between institutions of host and recipient organization. Cooperation is focused on knowledge transfer from the host to the recipient, it also allows to establish long-term relations between the partners involved in the project.

Twinning projects are mainly carried out by conducting specialized training in the recipient organization and study visits to host organizations. The twin projects often involved public administrations and entities whose status is known as  mandated body.

Twinning projects are executed in agriculture, environment, justice, finance,  employment and social policy, transport, energy, regional development and education sectors.

Twinning in the BASTION project is one of the tools that will allow The Medical University of Warsaw (MUW) to achieve the main project objective, which is to strengthen the scientific potential of the MUW. BASTION is one of the first projects in Poland, where twinning is used in the science area. More than a dozen MUW researchers will be able to join a leading research teams in top academic centers in Europe, executing oncology research projects including: Karolinska Institute, University College Dublin, the University Hospital of Ulm and many others. This exchange is not only focused on creating and developing research techniques.  An equally important goal is to strengthen soft skills, learning how to excellence managing innovation in the research projects. Participants after completing training will be able to implement best practices at the MUW.

Tweening reports can be found HERE.