Radosław Zagożdżon’s research team


Radosław Zagożdżon’s research team


  • Radosław Zagożdżon, MD, PhD
  • Małgorzata Bajor, PhD
  • Paweł Gaj, PhD
  • Piotr Stawiński
  • Sławomir Gruca
  • Agata Zych
  • Paulina Nadkowska
  • Anna Czekalska

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(Radosław Zagożdżon)

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(Google Scholar): 744
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Research area

Advances in biomedical technology in recent years have resulted in a dramatic increase in the inflow of information acquired in scientific research. To cope with this flood of data, it is necessary to create research groups specializing in bioinformatics, systems biology, and validation of the results obtained via modern biotechniques. This indeed is the main objective of the activities being carried outby dr Zagożdżon’s team.

One of the particular assignments for the group is to evaluate the role of one of the enzymatic systems responsible for eliminating the effects of oxidative stress within the tumor cell.

The researchers consider this pathway to be a potential target for new anticancer drugs. To validate this postulate, the team is analyzing data generated by genomic sequencing techniques, transcriptomics and proteomics methods supported by histological and molecular biology experiments.

One of the goals of the BASTION project is to create a computer cluster. The computing platform will enable the scientists to tackle various bioinformatics challenges. It will also provide appropriate storage for experimental data.