The research team J. Gołąba


The research team J. Gołąba


  • prof. Jakub Gołąb, MD, PhD
  • Małgorzata Czystowska-Kuźmicz, PhD
  • Angelika Muchowicz, PhD
  • Małgorzata Wachowska, PhD
  • Magdalena Gabrysiak

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Jakub Gołąb

Professor, M.D., Ph.D., Head of the Department of Immunology in the Center of Biostructure Research, Medical University of Warsaw (MUW). He is a member of the University Committee for Intellectual Property and a member of the Council of the First Faculty of Medicine at MUW. Moreover, he is a member of the Committee on Cell Biology, Committee on Immunology and Infectious Diseases, Commission on Tumor Biology in the Committee on Human Genetics and Molecular Pathology in The Polish Academy of Sciences and of the Scientific Advisory Board of the National Research Centre. He represents Poland in the COST Action TD0901 „Hypoxia sensing, signaling and adaptation”. His research is focused on experimental oncology, especially on improving anticancer activity of various therapeutic approaches, including proteasome inhibitors and statins. He is an expert in the fields of photodynamic therapy and monoclonal antibodies. He received MISTRZ award as well as START scholarship and KOLUMB out-going fellowship from the Foundation for Polish Science, a scholarship from “Polityka” magazine, Tomasz Browicz Award from the Polish Academy of Arts and Sciences, Tomasz Jakub Michalski memorial Award and Parnas Award from the Polish Society of Biochemistry. He promoted 14 PhD students.