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Innovations (WP5)

As innovation we understand innovative way of thinking, which considers science as the mean to achieve the goal not as the goal itself. We look at research with the market eyes, keeping the priority on the patients’ needs. We hope to bring more diagnostic tools and modern therapies in oncology developed by polish scientists. We believe in their potential and we are here to assist them on every step of transferring their know how and discoveries to the clinical use.

Our goals:

  • to stimulate innovation-driven research and raise the researchers’ awareness concerning intellectual property rights and their protection strategy
  • to identify research results that should be protected as potentially valuable IP and to guide the scientists through the early stages of translational process
  • to implement efficient IP protection and innovation management schemes at Medical University of Warsaw, CePT consortium institutions and any other interested

Our activities:

  • analysis of the translational potential of research results and preliminary patent literature search
  • contact with the leading patent attorneys
  • assistance on every step of preparing and filling of patent application and along the process of commercialization
  • seminars on intellectual property rights addressed to researchers
  • network of best in class professionals

Our priority – excellent communication, clear rules and creative changing.
We are on the right way and you are more then welcome to join us!

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