Krystian Jażdżewski’s research team


Krystian Jażdżewski’s research team


  • prof. Krystian Jażdżewski, MD, PhD
  • Anna Wójcicka, MD, PhD
  • Michał Świerniak, PhD
  • Monika Maciąg, PhD
  • Natalia Fedoryszak - Kuśka, PhD
  • Agnieszka Czajka
  • Kinga Dymecka
  • Monika Kolanowska
  • Marta Kotlarek
  • Anna Kubiak
  • Wojciech Gierlikowski

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(Krystian Jażdżewski)

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(Google Scholar) 2072
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Team leaders biograms

Prof. Krystian Jażdżewski, M.D., Ph.D. is the head of the Laboratory of Genomic Medicine in the Department of General, Transplant and Liver Surgery at MUW. Dr Jażdżewski has published 16 peer-reviewed papers, including PNAS (2005, 2008, 2009), Cell Cycle (2009), JCEM (2008, 2011, 2011, 2013, 2013), Thyroid (2005, 2013) with more than 1300 citations. The results of his studies on the role of microRNA-146a were reviewed in Faculty 1000 Medicine and received the highest rank of “exceptional report” (the best 4% of reports). His team includes 4 postdoctoral researchers and 7 PhD students who work on molecular pathways of tumorigenesis. Their main scientific interest focuses on elucidation of the role of microRNAs in pathogenesis of thyroid, liver and colon cancers as well as on attempts to design prognostic and diagnostic tools for these cancers.