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Practical analysis workshop panel of genes using Proton Ion technology (Life Technologies)

warsztaty3 Large gene panel analysisOn 10-13 of August 2015 the BASTION Project held practical workshops about the analysis of the panel of genes using next-generation sequencing technology with Ion Proton (Life Technologies) conducted in the Chair and Department of Internal Medicine, Hypertension and Angiology at the Medical University of Warsaw.

The training was aimed at presenting the principles, methods and possibilities of using next-generation sequencing for the study of selected genes using technology Ion Proton (Lifetechnologies). Participants took part in the implementation of sequencing long regions of the genome with a self-designed primers. Workshops included the preparation of libraries of long fragments of DNAenriching the resulting matrix and chip preparation for sequencing reactions. There were also conducted interactive classes, which provides basic information on genome analysis and carried out analysis of data obtained during sequencing.

The workshop was organized by the team of the Laboratory of the Department of Internal Medicine, Hypertension and Angiology. The workshop was attended by the employees of the Medical University of Warsaw and the Warsaw University of Life Sciences.

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