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International Advisory Board meeting

International Advisory Board Meeting 26 – 27 November 2012


Mr Dariusz Drewniak , Vice Head of the Strategy Department in The Polish Ministry of Science and Higher Education;

Prof. Lars Bullinger, University Hospital of Ulm, Germany;

Prof. William M. Gallagher, University College Dublin, Ireland;

Prof. Friedrich Graesser, University Hospital of Saarland, Germany;

PhD Natalia Landazuri, Karolinska Institut, Stocholm, Sweden;Natalia Landázuri

Prof. Gaettano Vattemi, University of Verona, Italy;Gaetano Vattemi

PhD Elizabeth Foot – VP Personalised Medicine &Nutrition, London Genetics, Great Britain;

Ms Maryline Fiaschi – Project Director, ScienceIBusiness, Brussels, Belgium;


Scientists from MUW:

Prof. Jakub Golab – Project Coordinator;

PhD Dominika Nowis – Group Leader;

PhD Magdalena Winiarska – Group Leader;

PhD Tomasz Stokłosa – Group Leader;

Prof. Sławomir Majewski – Group Leader;

PhD Rafał Płoski – Group Leader;

PhD Pawel Włodarski – Group Leader;

PhD Krystian Jażdżewski – Group Leader;

PhD Piotr Religa – Group Leader;

PhD Radoslaw Zagozdzon – Group Leader;

Work Packages Leaders:

WP1 – PhD Dominika Nowis;

WP2 – Prof. Zbigniew Gaciong;

WP3 – PhD Magdalena Winiarska;

WP4 – Prof. Rafał Płoski;

WP5 – Prof. Jakub Golab;

WP6 – MSc Iwona Drozdowska-Rusinowicz;

WP7 – Prof. Sławomir Majewski;


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