About the project:


Steering committee

The Steering Committee (SC) serves as the main governing body in the project. In the Steering Committee proceedings participate the leaders of the various work packages (WP – Work Package), their deputies, project manager and representatives of the Medical University of Warsaw, including: representative of the finance department, project office and a representative of the chancellor.

The contribution provided by the experts, as well as the leaders of the research teams aims to provide the highest quality in the project,  including best possible results in the individual work packages.

An advisory role to the SC is provided by the International Advisory Board  (IAB) which includes the leading experts and researchers from top European universities. Their knowledge, experience and guidance is often used to maximize possible outcome in executed tasks.

The work of the steering committee is based on the principle of collegiality. We do believe that transparency and open discussion based on experience and sharing best practices in different areas is the key for developing and providing optimal decisions.