Rafał Płoski’s research team


Rafał Płoski’s research team


  • prof. Rafał Płoski, MD, PhD
  • Grażyna Kostrzewa, MD, PhD
  • Joanna Kosińska, PhD
  • Lech Trzeciak, PhD
  • Konrad Szymański

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Team leaders biograms

Professor Rafał Płoski, MD, PhD, received his M.D. diploma from the Medical Academy in Warsaw in 1990 and Ph.D. diploma form the Uniwersity in Oslo, Norway in 1995. Throughout his carrier Prof. Płoski has been interested in human genetic variation in association with medical and anthropological problems as well as methods of forensic identification. His scientific record includes > 100 papers published in international journals which so far have been cited > 2000 times. At present Prof. Płoski is the Head of the Department of Medical Genetics of the Medical University in Warsaw. His activity focuses on implementation of state-of-the-art techniques of large scale DNA sequencing in medical diagnostics. An important part of this project involves application of said methods to a detection of cancer-causing mutations.