Paweł Włodarski

pawel wlodarski

Paweł Włodarski, M.D., Ph.D. is a graduate of the Medical University of Warsaw (class of 1992). Currently, he is an Associate Professor at the Department of Histology and Embryology at this University. He was a research fellow, than visiting professor at Thomas Jefferson University (Philadelphia, PA), University of Texas (Dallas, TX) and University of Pennsylvania (Philadelphia, PA). Most of his work is focused on studying signaling pathways in leukemia and lymphoma. Consequently, his Ph.D. thesis (2000) was on The role of p53 in hematopoietic recovery after cytostatic treatment and his subsequent projects focused on the regulation of mTOR kinase in lymphoma, leukemia and glioma. Currently, his research group is investigating epigenetic regulation of gene expression in cancer and in endometriosis.