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Dr Tomasz Stokłosa on TOK FM Radio

During the evening program on TOK FM radio Karolina Głowacka talked to Dr. Tomasz Stokłosa from the BASTION Project. The broadcast appeared on Thursday 27 August 2015 and it is avialable on TOK FM Radio website under a title: “A breakthrough in genetic research method can bring a breakthrough in oncology “. ›

BASTION on channel ONE radio

Dr. Anna Wójcicka from the BASTION Project is involved in creating a system forecasting risk of death from thyroid cancer and colon cancer, as well as allowing diagnostic tests to detect cancer. Anna Wójcicka is the winner of the Foundation for Polish Science Program “Impulse” , which is to support scientists – innovators. About her […] ›

The BASTION Project has been appreciated

 The project BASTION has been appreciated by the reviewers evaluating the Medical University of Warsaw in the 5th edition of the National Certification Program of Higher Education “University Leaders ” . In its opinion Reviewers have pointed BASTION as an example of a project with the highest level of innovation and practical utility . In […] ›

Theresa L. Whiteside

a BASTION guest: Theresa L. Whiteside, PhD, MDHC

Last Monday, June 15th the Department of Immunology at the Medical University of Warsaw held a meeting with a BATION guest: Theresa L. Whiteside, PhD, MDHC Professor of Pathology, Immunology and Otolaryngology University of Pittsburgh Cancer Institute. The title of her lecture was “Regulators T-cell networks in human cancers and immune therapy”. Professor Theresa L. […] ›

Molecular Diagnostic in Cancer WORKSHOP

The progress in molecular medicine and oncology leads to further development of diagnostic techniques in oncology. It is also related to specific treatment techniques. Our workshop has a goal to present how novel innovation in molecular oncology facilitate a transition from basic to clinical research. The traditional diagnostic in cancer filed is based on tumor […] ›

Prof. Jakub Gołąb for

Professor Jakub Golab ( MUW ) of the BASTION Project in an interview for the poratl talked about cancer immunotherapy . Professor Jakub Golab: “I regret that in Poland there is no university course of study related medical chemistry . We don’t have a sufficient number of specialists in this country, a few we have […] ›


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