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About the Medical University of Warsaw


The Medical University of Warsaw (MUW) has been synonymous with excellence in medical education. For more than 200 years, it has been educating health care specialists. The educational programme of the university includes 14 courses and 1 specialty. MUW employees are Poland’s top medical experts. Many of them work as national consultants in different areas of medicine.

Excellent results of MUW graduates in state-level exams testify to the highest quality of MUW educational services. This is also reflected in research achievements: MUW students receive awards and prizes in many competitions.

The basic organisational units of the WUM are faculties which operate educational programmes and courses. Currently, MUW runs the following organisational units:

  • 1st Faculty of Medicine
  • 2nd Faculty of Medicine with the English Division and the Physiotherapy Division
  • Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry
  • Faculty of Pharmacy with Division of Laboratory Medicine
  • Faculty of Health Sciences with Division of Nursing, Division of Public Health and Division of Dietetics

An important part of the University is the Post-Graduate Education Centre responsible for teaching physicians, pharmacists and graduates in medicine-related areas.

In addition to top-quality education, the WUM gives students an opportunity to follow their research interests in a number of student organisations and scientific associations.

In addition to education, another important area of the MUW’s activities is health care. Physicians of the Medical University of Warsaw provide professional health care services in five hospitals that also provide training for future medical doctors.

The Medical University of Warsaw is undergoing exceptionally dynamic development. MUW employees and students have an access to a fully, the newly-opened Library and Information Centre. The Centre for Pre-Clinical Research and Technologies will be opened shortly. There are two other investments underway: Paediatric Hospital, Sports and Rehabilitation Centre.