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Conference “Translational Research in Oncology in New Member State Economies”

On 21-22 May 2015 the oncological international conference organized within the European BASTION program will be held at the Medical University of Warsaw. Among the invited lecturers of the first, scientific day, are the leading European researchers from the best research centers (from Germany, the Netherlands, Great Britain, France, Italy, Ireland, Hungary) involved in oncology, including Prof. Lars Bullinger, Prof. Sven Brandau, Dr Rederick Beijersbergen, Prof. Daniel Olive, Dr Munitta Muthana and many others.

The second day of the conference is dedicated to innovations in medicine and implementation of scientific discoveries to practice. The outstanding scientists, who also achieved commercial success of their research, will share their experience with the audience (Prof. William Gallagher, prof. Bruno Botta, Dr. Tim Kievits), as well as representatives of pharmaceutical companies, who will also teach scientists how to find a common language with the business. For more information visit:

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