Nencki Institute: BIO-INNOVATION lecture – Why, How and When to start?

You are welcome to join Karolina Dzwonek lecture on bio-innovation, during the 1st Nencki Institute PhD Student Conference.  Session “BIO-INNOVATION – Why, How and When to start?”, Oct 18th, 3:00-4:30pm. More information about the conference: www.nencki.gov.pl/en/article/1st-nencki-institute-phd-student-conference ›

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Seminar on intelectual property

You are welcome to join the seminar [in Polish] on intellectual property: From science to business – intellectual property protection and commercialization of research results, on Oct 24th, at the Medical University of Warsaw. The seminar is dedicated to PhD students and all researchers interested in subject. The lecture will be presented by Karolina Dzwonek – […] ›


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