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BASTION guest: Dr. Paweł Dobrzański

We invite you to the meeting with BASTION Project guest, Dr. Paweł Dobrzański, an expert in genetics and molecular biology. Dr. Dobrzański has over 15 years of experience in preclinical studies and developing therapeutics in oncology, immunology and neurobiology. He coordinated the work of many research teams in drug discovery programs aimed at implementation of novel, small molecule compounds acting as anti-tumour agents. In the years 1997 – 2015 Dr. Dobrzański worked in the Department of Oncology Cephalon Inc. / Teva Pharmaceuticals. Invited for a short visit by OncoArendi Therapeutics.

Dr. Dobrzański will give the presentation entitled The Many Faces of JAK2 Inhibitors.

The meeting will be held in Library and Information Center, Medical University of Warsaw, hall  119 on 25 January at 14:00.

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